Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tragedy In Denver

A few things about yesterday's tragedy:

There is no way any gun legislation either way would've done a bit of good.  Experience has shown that if a crazy like that wants to get an automatic weapon and blow away a bunch of folks he'll get it.  Consider the mess they had in France some months back with the Muslim fanatic killing Jews and soldiers with real military weaponry in a country where possession of said weaponry is illegal.  From what we've been told so far about this fellow's apartment it sounds like he was also in possession of illegal explosives, whether they were homemade or not, so all those laws did not work.

On the other hand had those with valid CCW permits been allowed in the theater it still wouldn't have made any real difference in the end unless one had an armor piercing load, which is illegal to all but military and police personnel.  Mr. Holmes went in suited up in full tactical gear and armor, so the loads most people who carry would've been pretty much useless.

I don't often watch TV these days.  But last night my wife and I were and she switched the TV to the O'Reilly factor when it came on unasked.  I've watched him many times in the past and there are times I both agree and disagree with him.  But last night when he pointed out that there was no way any political policy would've made a difference he was dead on, pardon the pun.

Yesterday we had a family tragedy when an uncle died.  But the nation had a tragedy when somebody mentally ill equipped to handle the pressure of a PhD. program went into melt-down and decided to vent his anger by taking as many lives as he could.  That it was a theater packed with children and that they figure prominently among the victims makes the tragedy doubly hard for all.  Unfortunately as man continues his fall such tragedies have become like the weather, something which one hopes they won't be struck with but which all know can happen anywhere or at anytime.

Our hearts go out to those who lost loved ones in Colorado yesterday.

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