Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Moon Face

Greetings from the Original Zebra!

Take a look at the following picture of my mother in her teenage years:

This is probably one of the best examples of another symptom typical of Cushing’s syndrome, the round, or “moon” face.  The moon face is another phenomenon which often accompanies exposure to high levels of cortisols and is a sign which differentiates the victim of Cushing’s from other morbidly obese people.  Here is a picture of one of my friends on Facebook who has given me permission to use her images:

Here she is now as a confirmed victim of Cushing’s:

This is more typical of how the round face will appear.  This lady gained over a hundred pounds in a matter of months when she developed Cushing’s.  When you contrast it with my mother’s:

It is easy to see how Cushing’s can be a little hard to spot in some stages.  Yet my friend, unlike my mother, is a confirmed Cushie.  So we can see how this symptom of Cushing’s can fall in quite a range.  Yet it is still recognizable wherever it falls within its range.  Mother went untreated and from the first picture of her she suffered from "Mild" Cushing's all her life.  Yet she died at age 65 from the ravages of the disease.

Today’s post was composed on Thanksgiving Day, so here’s to all my friends and readers from this moon face. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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