Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cyclical Cushing’s Syndrome

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Today one of my Facebook friends posted a link to a post on the CSRF website about Cyclical Cushing’s syndrome:

You have to wade through the usual Doc speak, but it’s worth the effort.  To summarize, Dr. A. Brew Atkinson is part of a group who noticed that some patients were cyclical way back in the 1950s and has been studying the phenomena ever since.  What they concluded is that a significant number of Cushies, upwards of one third in one sample of Cushing’s patients were cyclical, making it more common than doctors think.

They also noted the difficulty diagnosing for several reason, one being the need to do extensive testing, which is expensive.  Another reason is that cyclical patients do not respond to some tests, such as the dexamethasone test, in the expected ways.  That is something those of us with the disease know all too well!  So they suggested those patients with Cushing’s features yet who don’t have the expected test results should be considered for more extensive testing.  They also suggested certain testing, such as AM long-range urine or long-range serum cortisol testing with a suggested 28 consecutive day period which will catch most of the known cycles they’ve documented.

As noted, that is kind of expensive and don’t be surprised if insurance companies balk at covering the cost.  In my case we just happened to catch both peaks and troughs in the standard testing done, so I know I’m a cyclical Cushie.  What I don’t know is what pattern I fit because no testing occurred to establish my pattern.

If you didn’t already read the article please read the article if you are trying to find out if you or a loved one has Cyclical Cushing’s or if it was suggested to you.  And if you or your loved one may have it please persist in getting the right testing done. 

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