Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Hey There Again!

It's me again my friends!

Above is the newest picture of me and it was taken back in November.  Were it not for the garden that room would be my world with the computer my window on the rest of the world.  You can see a refrigerator, a coffee maker, and my guitar in the background along with my bed.  Since my back started giving out my legs have gone with it to a large extent and I no longer walk like I used to.  but I do fight the trend by getting out and doing what I can in the garden.  Of necessity, I use something folks might call the lazy way to garden, but that's because I am losing strength.

I'm still taking medicine but not losing weight at the moment since I'm on a plateau right now and even gained some over the holidays.  I do have activities and some new goals to meet in the coming year.  That's the thing to keep the spirits up as the battle rages on.  The point is to grow in some way, to work towards and accomplish something and that requires goals.  The wise person doesn't just make it a New Year's resolution thing, they do it all the time and when a goal is reached they replace it with a new one.

I plan to publish a book in and you'll be surprised where I'm going with that, though, I have had it suggested to me that I ought to do one on living with Cushing's Disease which would be kind of autobiographical.  I skipped that because I couldn't quite figure how to not write such a depressing book as I can easily write if I'm not careful.  I am not ruling that out because I consider my knowledge on the subject second to nobody's and may do it after I get my first book or two out of the way and in the market.

The subject matter is emergency preparedness and was inspired by riding out Hurricane Matthew, which was at category two strength when it hit where I live on the South Georgia, USA Coast.  The maps all said we would be under water where we were, but thanks to God that didn't happen though it got kind of hairy, at least for everybody else as it wasn't my first major storm and I slept right through the worst of it that night.  But we were prepared with some last minute help when my housemates finally realized it was going to hit us too late to get out and some preparations I'd made during the previous months as I could during the summer because I had a little niggling feeling they would be needed.  And they were.  But because of them, we rode out the days following in relative comfort to some who hadn't made such provisions.  If those of you watching the news saw a shot of a fat man waving up at a news helicopter the day after in Brunswick, GA it was probably me.  Since the power and net were both out I had no way to watch TV and have no idea if they filmed me or not.

This winter the garden hasn't reached the goal I set but that's alright because I am learning and expect some disappointment along the way.  My Garlic is taking off, though and I do have some miniature brassica plants going, but I'm not harvesting.  I had a tomato plant make it through to Christmas with some tomatoes on it but the last freeze got it.  So there are some positive things there.  So my two goals of a completely edible garden, flowers included and a year-round production are still ongoing.

I'll let you know how things go and I'll try to keep you informed on various topics and issues as well.

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