Saturday, June 20, 2015


Okay, I didn't get the blogging done:

I having too much fun strumming that guitar!  April turned out to be both a busy month, and one with some challenges. I'm working on the garden I talked about, and shortly after posting my last message I moved some bags of compost around, forty pound bags. By the next morning I was in the emergency room. I had a flight to make in early April and worried I might not be able to make the planned trip. But I made it. Afterward I continued to work in my garden, but the way I had to adjust made things take longer and I just wasn't up to updating blogs.

Because of the way I have to do things my garden has moved more slowly than most. But I'm already enjoying some lettuce and tomatoes out of it and should soon be adding a little sweet potato leaves into the greens mix. I have seven varieties of tomatoes growing and three of them starting to produce fruit. I'm harvesting lettuce, of course, I planted some butter-crunch, and then bought and planted a mix of 20 heirloom varieties, part of the purpose to figure out what varieties will do beast in my climate and the way I'm gardening. But my salads now have a pleasant diversity of lettuce varieties in them.

I'm using three methods to grow, container gardening, square foot gardening, and a method suggested by a professional horticulturist, who also teaches horticulture in a university. The irony is that the method she suggests to everybody is really the easiest and less physically demanding of the three, though the other two aren't that hard either and have their advantages. I may take the time to go into more detail in another post sometime on that one since I think it is a really great method for disabled gardeners who have land to plant in.

Since most of the really demanding stuff is done in the garden and I need to get back to writing for another reason, I’ll try to start blogging more about the other issues which we deal with and the research as I wade through it.

Take care everybody!

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