Monday, September 28, 2015

Hello Again!

Hello Everyone!

Today my legs don’t seem to have the strength to go out and do some of what’s needed in my garden, so I have the time to blog a little.

To catch up, the treatment I’m getting for my Cushing’s, a D9 agonist, is working slowly, which is what the doctor wants right now.  My weight is on a downward trend, slowly, but that appears to be one of the important things the doctor is using to gauge the best way to proceed without causing an adrenal event.  I’m on board with that considering how painful such things are.

I’ve been physically active, working with my garden to the extent I can.  The result has been a good harvest of tomatoes and peppers lately, too much for me to eat!  Ah, but the variety and taste!  It’s been wonderful to have and use to make sure I’ve got some real nutrition in the diet were are forced to have around here.

My kidney function is kind of low right now.  Not all of the tests ordered are posted to my portal yet, so I don’t know yet if it may be an infection causing the problem, or need to look to something else.  I’ve had several infections, which is kind of strange with this one considering my wife is 800 miles away looking after her mother right now and I’m not doing anything which should cause an infection.  I guess it’s just one of those things.

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