Monday, June 27, 2016

60, And I'm Still Moving Along!

Hello, my friends and readers!  I hit the big 60 a couple of months back and feeling great considering my disease and the problems it causes.  I saw my endocrinologist and he decided it was time to increase the daily dosage of the medicine we're using and hoping I don't have any trouble with it.  So far I'm feeling alright.

I'm about to take the time to look at more of the research and start reporting what I find.  However, I would like for my readers to go ahead and suggest topics they would like to see me address for them.  Remember, I'm not a doctor and cannot hand out advice which amounts to practicing medicine.  So I cannot really answer those kind of questions.  But things which the research shows or topics f a personal nature on how to overcome or work around this disease are fair game.  So go ahead!

This young lady has been responsible for plenty of visits to my blog and I am very grateful to her for allowing me to use her photo.  It turns out she has a different disease which kicks the cortisols up through the roof and is being treated for that now.  Such diseases are often characterized as "pseudo" Cushing's because they fit the profile so well and only get caught in the workup.  The last I talked with her mother they did have a fund set up to help them with the medical expenses.  If the mother will contact me after i post this to Facebook I'll be sure to let you know how you can help.

I would like to announce an addition to my blog family, The Cushie Gardener at .  This will be a site for people who want to garden, but especially those who are disabled or low income and want to know how to have a vegetable garden which won't break the bank or their health in the process.  It will be joined by a Youtube channel which is already set up of the same name.  I just have to start videoing and figure out how to edit my videos.  Please feel free to go over there and follow me on that part of my journey in life.

Catch you later!

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