Wednesday, June 28, 2017

RIP Fellow Cushie, Kalyn

Kalyn Allen, a fellow Cushie whose disease was finally diagnosed not that long ago (last year), lost her battle with Cushing's disease.  We've been blessed with all the resources now available to get to know and help fellow Cushing's, who are often quite alone in our journey as we are with families who often aren't that supportive.  Kalyn had a family who loved her and supported her through her treatment.  But sometimes even that is not enough.  It sounds like embolisms were the cause of death a reminder of how deadly they are.  I had a close call in 2002 with a pulmonary embolism which struck and nearly took me out 15 years ago.

The Announcement of Kalyn's death with a link to her story and a donation page for medical bills can be found Rest In Peace Kalyn.  The page contains a before and after photo of Kalyn.

RIP Dear Lady, Kalyn

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