Monday, March 19, 2018

Greetings my fellow readers!

Long time no see but that's my fault.  I haven't felt very well lately what with insomnia and other irritating things I think most of us Cushies would understand.  Back in February, I was hospitalized twice, once for a heart attack and shortly after I went home to an embolism which caused a painful cardiac arrhythmia.  The heart attack had masked itself as a kidney issue.  That's the thing, "widow maker" heart attacks often do just that.  They'll only consist of a lite pain or the pain refers to areas normally felt with other acute problem, such as the right back normally felt when one is having a kidney stone trying to go down the pipe like what happened to me.

The attack was also a wake-up call, I don't have a lot of time left to get what I'm supposed to do down here on earth done.  Deep down I would like to take a trip to Israel and walk the face of the land and visit the places tourists don't usually go to and taking more time to meet people I know of and have some limited contact with face to face.  That is my bucket list.

Until that time I'm going to keep on along the path the Lord has given me to tread and drink of the cup he has handed me until the cup is dry and it is time.  There is plenty more for me to do here so expect more, much more.  If anybody out there has questions they would like to see answered, bring them on!  This is one of the things I live for!

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